Introducing 360 mini video from Fusion Lens

Announcing 360 mini video feature today, Fusion Lens is the world’s first snap-on lens for iPhone to capture 360 content.
It’s open for pre-order on Indiegogo at an irresistible price $44.

28 Nov 2017 – Available at Indiegogo, Fusion Lens just announced its 360 mini video, a new delightful and highly shareable video feature that lets you turn everyday moments into something fun.

Snap this optical accessory on your iPhone, you’ll be able to capture everything around you. Beyond shooting a 360 photo, Fusion Lens can now take a burst of 20 photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward, just like a boomerang video in 360!

Fusion Lens 360 Mini Video Live Demo:

Fusion Lens 360 mini video, like boomerang in 360!

Shoot 360 with your iPhone cameras!

You don’t necessarily have to buy a 360 camera in order to shoot 360 content. The dual-lens system will cover the front and rear facing camera of your iPhone, Fusion Lens enables an iPhone camera to have over 180-degree field of view each side. By using both cameras, Fusion App stitches the images from both cameras so that your iPhone is empowered to capture full 360 surroundings.

Simple press the button and the app does the rest. Fusion App enables users to capture 360 mini video, live preview their shots, stitch and share content right from their iPhone. You can now upgrade your iPhone to a funny 360 camera.

Features highlight – Pre-order price $44 on Indiegogo

  • - 6K Resolution for 360 Still Image
  • - 4K Resolution for 360 Mini Video (*New feature – in Beta version)
  • - Support 360 Time Lapse Video
  • - Image Stabilization
  • - No Batter-Charging Required
  • - No Wifi / Bluetooth Connection Hassle
  • - Multi-platform Sharing

Sharing 360 mini video

Happy with your video? Share with friends and family! Fusion Lens 360 mini video is highly shareable on multiple platforms. You can share your video on Instagram, Twitter or any instant messengers in tiny planet view. You can also share on Facebook with 360 view to let your followers relive your glamourous moment!

Pre-order on Indiegogo

Fusion Lens is currently now open for pre-order on Indiegogo until 12 Dec, available for iPhone 7 and 8 series (iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus). Please visit for pre-order and product info.

About Fusion Lens

Fusion Lens is developed by NoMatterWhat Technologies. In the past 4 years, the team specializes in computer vision and optical engineering in 360 photography. Before Fusion Lens, the team has launched Spincle app at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield SF in 2016, Spincle is a free camera app that captures 360 mini video with high stitching quality and stunning stereoscopic 3D in virtual reality. The app has helped over 200,000 users in creating 360 contents globally.

Evolved from Spincle app, the passionate team developed Fusion Lens envisioning to create the simplest and most costless tool to let everyone capture their 360 moment on their smartphones – the thing they already have without buying an extra devices.

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Nicole Or

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