Product, App and Attaching on iPhone


    1. NoMatterWhat comes in four colors: charcoal black, gray, light brown and teal.
    2. The lenses of NoMatterWhat is anti-scratch and strong.
    3. The casing of NoMatterWhat is made by 3D-printing.
    4. You will download NoMatterWhat iOS app to capture 360 content.
    5. We support iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.
    6. You will receive a user guide along with your product.

NoMatterWhat app:

    1. You will install NoMatterWhat iOS app to capture with NoMatterWhat.
    2. Download method is included in the user guide in your product packaging.
    3. NoMatterWhat app enables capturing 360 photo and videos with real-time stitching and Image stabilisation.
    4. You can share NoMatterWhat content to Instagram, Facebook and Instant Messengers.

Attaching on iPhone:

    1. NoMatterWhat is easy to use. Just attach on your iPhone. NoMatterWhat lenses will cover your iPhone’s front and rear cameras. No need to adjust the position manually.
    2. NoMatterWhat is designed to work with a naked, caseless iPhone. This will ensure your cameras precisely align with NoMatterWhat lenses.


Order, Billing, Delivery and Return and Exchanges Policy


    1. Order is available worldwide.
    2. Each customer can order of NoMatterWhats in maximum 3 sets.
    3. Double check your order to make sure everything is accurate before checking out.
    4. Once your order has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email.
    5. In case of any changes you want to make, please email stating your order number and the details of changes.


    1. We accept major credit / debit cards.
    2. We use Stripe platform. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email from Stripe.
    3. Payment is non-refundable.


Delivery schedule:

    1. We're selecting 200 customers for fast track delivery. For fast track delivery, your NoMatterWhat will be shipped within 3-4 weeks. For normal track delivery, your NoMatterWhat will be shipped in 4-6 weeks.
    2. Please share your social media account with us. We will review your Instagram or other social sharing media during the selection.
    3. Once you have made your order, you will be notified by email for delivery schedule.
    4. Shipment in US can take up to 5-10 business days to deliver.


Selection for fast track of delivery:

    1. Please include your social media account during checkout in order to be considered for fast track delivery. If you are a photography lover, an influencer, or an active user in social sharing. You’re likely to be selected as one of our adventurers.
    2. Your social media account information is for internal review for delivery only.
    3. We highly appreciate your feedback in using the product. You can always send us email and leave us message on NoMatterWhat website or Instagram page.

Exchange Policy:

    1. Each NoMatterWhat is carefully checked by our team before it goes out the door to ensure you get the best.
    2. Our commitment to pre-order customers: We currently make NoMatterWhat by 3D-printing in a limited amount. However, once we are ready for mass production in a later stage. You can exchange your 3D-printed NoMatterWhat to a new NoMatterWhat.

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